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“I have never felt this positive and grateful as I feel right now. I already feel more authentic, more self-assured, more open to the flow of life than ever before and it feels like this is only the beginning.... THANK YOU- THANK YOU – THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart))”

Fank Winkels, Singer, Germany

“It works! Trance coaching has allowed me to discard my negative patterns and help realign my thoughts positively in order to achieve my optimum life potential. Gido is a well established and highly gifted healer – a complete inspiration.”

Mikah Smillie, Photographer, London

"Trances in general to integrate are perfect for me. They work! I fully trust it and just dig into it. I know it manifests in a way it works."

Zoda Selele

"Gido truly is the King of trance."

Gildis Klaunzer Binder, Astrologer & Kinesiologist, Austria